Qualified Labs

Join DOPS as a DOPS Qualified Lab and improve your communication with your client dentists.

Becoming a DOPS Qualified Lab simply means your lab will have a DOPS login, permitting you access to photos shared with you by your client dentists. With one click, a dentist can share photos with your lab by selecting your lab from the list of DOPS Qualified User Labs. Then you will receive a notification email when one of your dentists is sharing photos about a case along with a link to the HIPAA-secure login page. Within seconds, your lab can view the authorized photos.

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Plastic Surgeons

DOPS can be used from any device, so you can view photos without having to download, store, or label images locally, eliminating entirely the need for the emailing of images. DOPS Qualified Labs can view images without the administrative nightmare of securely storing or cataloging them. DOPS is HIPAA-compliant, so DOPS Qualified Labs can avoid the costly expense providing HIPAA-secure email systems, which can also be slow and hard to use.

Become a DOPS Qualified User Lab and improve your ability to communicate with your client dentist. Set your lab apart from others.