HIPAA was enacted to enable health care providers to protect the privacy and security of their patients’ confidential health information, including sensitive images. DOPS allows practitioners to take, store, and view images in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. The entire process from capture to storage to viewing images is encrypted in order to comply with current HIPAA/HITECH security standards. Because the images are never stored locally, even on the capture device, we are able to maintain security of all images, without the need to delete images from the device. The software is cloud-based and will be updated to comply with any changes to the HIPAA/HITECH security standards. Images can be viewed from any device, but only with the use of a secure log-in, and images can be shared with others, but only through a secure web portal, which eliminates the need for an expensive, difficult- to- use HIPAA secure email system. Be confident that your images are private and secure, stored forever on an off-site HIPAA-compliant cloud based server.