No more skeptical patients!

Cody Friddle • August 06, 2016

We live in a skeptical world. Many patients are telling us how to treatment plan their mouth before we even get a chance to look. It’s not personal, I do the same thing when I have to repair a car or an a/c unit, etc. We’ve all been burned before and overpaid on some service or received things we had to pay for that we never fully believed were necessary. All new patients are like this, some are just bolder and more skeptical than others.

The oil change guy I use always brings in something to show me: a dirty air filter, a corroded hose, etc. I’m not a car guy, and I always feel like I’m getting ripped off. How am I supposed to know what these items are supposed to look like. So I always reject the service the first time he shows me something. If he brings out the same thing the next time, then I’m more comfortable believing that he’s telling me the truth. When we show patients x-rays, or intra-oral camera pictures that are hard to relate to, patients are thinking in their mind, ”is this treatment really necessary?”.

Build trust with DOPS. Quick, secure, high quality images that patients can view and relate to in a way they are comfortable doing. They can hold a tablet and zoom in on areas that are concerning to them. In a fast paced office, we’ve still got to take the time to develop trust from patients. DOPS does just this. Download DOPS today.