Reading the Tea Leaves

Cody Friddle • February 03, 2017

It’s not an exact science, but dentists are masters at reading their patients and only treatment planning what they believe the patient will be comfortable hearing. Especially on the first visit. We can’t overwhelm patients with a giant treatment plan, can we? They may never come back.

DOPS helps eliminate this problem. Treatment plan what you believe the patient needs and build the trust, so patients don’t switch to another dentists that is going to read their tea leaves better than you.

Check out this patient. I had one shot with this guy because he was in a hurry and might have never come back. Successful business man, busy life, no time to sit and chat. I took one picture in DOPS, showed him the image on my phone, and told him he needed a crown and some inlays. He’s going to wait on it, but he’ll be back. I could have told him that he was fine, maybe a couple of areas of concern to watch. Basically told him what he wanted to hear, but is that really what is best? We have a duty to treatment plan everything that we see needs to be done.

Do it in a way that builds trust, not in a way that drives skeptical people away! Try DOPS on your next new patient and watch how it builds trust immediately.