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5 Qualities of Highly Productive Dentists

Cody Friddle • December 08, 2016

Have you ever wondered why some dentists do more dentistry than others. Since starting DOPS, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interacting with hundreds of dentists. Some from large practices, some from smaller practices. I’ve met dentists from not just all across the states, but literally all over the world. No matter where these dentists practice, or what type of practice they are in, these five qualities were present in every dentist that produces a high amount of dentistry:

  1. Patient care is their most important objective. Everything that happens in their office  is in the interest of providing better care to patients. Whether it is implementing new technology, tinkering with the schedule, switching labs or using a new brand of bonding agent. They are in a constant quest to provide the highest level of treatment possible for their patients.
  2. They treat their staff with respect. Productive dentists have staff that are loyal to them because they are given the respect they need. They don’t always make the most money, they may even work late or come in early. They are crucial to what the dentist is trying to do, and the dentist makes sure that they understand how important they are.
  3. These dentists aren’t afraid to try new techniques. New cool techniques don’t scare productive dentists away, it excites them. They want new techniques that helps provide the care that patients need in a better more efficient, less painful way. Look at the advancements that have been made in dentistry over the past 20 years. From orthodontics to endo to implants, etc. None of these advancements would have been possible without dentists that were willing to try new things in their practice. Productive dentists understand and embrace this.
  4. They aren’t closed off to ideas that are new to them, sometimes they find out that what they used to do isn’t the best way of doing things. They are open minded to the possibility that they could have been wrong about something. Many dentists hear what another dentist might be doing and will immediately belittle or be condescending towards them because what they are doing is different from what they believe to be true. In reality, the other dentist might be right. Implementing these ideas allows their practice to improve.
  5. Dentistry is their passion. They may have other things that are important to them, but the really productive dentists are focused on dentistry. Not on golf or fishing or some other business they are running. The productive dentists love dentistry, and are putting their energy and effort into becoming a better more productive dentist. It’s their work and their hobby.