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Patient Values vs Provider Concerns

Rachel Scharbor • July 17, 2018

Have you ever felt like you're talking to a brick wall with your patients?  Seen the glazed over look in their eyes when you list all their "needs?"  Maybe stop talking and start snapping.

It can be hard to convince a patient to replace an unsightly leaking amalgam when "the tooth has never given them problems before."  However, if they were able to see their mouth through your eyes, they would quickly have a change of heart.  How about that dark occlusal cavity on #19 that was obvious the second they opened their mouth, but they have somehow never noticed before?  Let's face it, we all are a little vain.  As soon as we know someone notices an imperfection, regardless of if we have before or not, we want it fixed and fixed as soon as possible.

The difficulty begins when patients hear that their needs are actually different from their values.  If these patients only concerns are how much bleach trays are, you will probably run into a problem.  DOPS was created just for situations like these.  Just open the app, snap a picture, and in seconds you have attached validity to your list of needs and established trust.  Your patients will then understand that you hear their values, but you also see notable concerns.

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