The Mighty Millennial

Rachel Scharbor • August 07, 2018

Have you ever been here before?

The xrays have been taken, the exam has been performed.  You spent your valuable time and energy explaining in five different ways why they need a particular restoration and why said restoration is the best option for them.  You gave them a few minutes to process and return only to find out that they now trust Google more than you.  There has to be a better way!

Let DOPS fight this battle for you.  

With a few simple steps, your patient can actually see the issues at hand with their own eyes.  No longer will you be in the middle of a procedure questioning if the patient fully understands what they have agreed to.  Gone are the days of skepticism that you're just trying to fund your next vacation.  Literally put the patient's mouth in their own hands.  

Establish trust and a long lasting patient-provider relationship by using DOPS in your office.  Sign up for DOPS today.