DOPS Increases Dental Case Acceptance

Cody Friddle • August 06, 2016

You need your patients to accept treatment. It’s just that simple. You need them to see their need for treatment, and you want to clear any obstacles from treatment out of the way.

Personality – maybe it’s a new patient who doesn’t know you yet, maybe your patient is in a bad mood and prickly with you or a member of your team, maybe your patient is extra skeptical, maybe you and your patient have an awkward dynamic. Time – maybe you are behind, maybe you are working in an emergency patient, maybe your patient has to be at school pick up in ten minutes. Generational – maybe your patient is a millennial or younger and are most comfortable personally interacting with information is exclusively on a screen.

DOPS eliminates these hurdles to treatment acceptance. DOPS takes personality out of the equation. If your patient is in a bad mood, if your patient is not trusting, if your patient just has a personality conflict with your or a member of your team, they can still look at an objective picture and hear the message without having to trust or like a person. With DOPS they can zoom in on the full arch of their mouth and see areas in need of treatment even if they have proven impossible to develop a rapport with them. DOPS saves you time. With a tap of a thumb and the click of a button, you can have DOPS pulled up and quickly securing full arch pictures with an occlusal mirror that are immediately and automatically available for patient viewing on an iPad or the phone itself. This saves time. The patient can instantly see their mouth almost in real time. Finally, for patients under the age of 35, they don’t make any decision or trust any information they haven’t been able to digest on a personal screen that they control. It’s the way they gather their information for every facet of their life. It’s their first language. Using DOPS allows you to speak their language to show them their need for treatment.