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DOPS Description

Cody Friddle • August 08, 2016


The DOPS app turns your iPhone into a clinical camera system allowing you to take, present and store patient photos in a HIPPA-compliant cloud-based server.


With the DOPS app you can take patient pictures with your iPhone that will immediately be transferred to a HIPPA-secure cloud-based server, bypassing the phone’s photostream completely. The image is never stored on the phone. It is securely stored, catalogued on your DOPS account and immediately accessible via any device. A team member in your office can take the picture with an iPhone and hand the patient a tablet with the image immediately. 


It will show your patients their need for treatment, increase your production and simplify your office’s picture procedure. Your patients are comfortable with iPhone pictures and they trust and understand them so much easier than intra-oral camera pictures that result in single tooth images that the patient isn’t really familiar with and can’t understand what they are looking at without an explanation. With an intra-oral occlusal mirror, you can get an excellent image of the patient’s full arch. When you hand the patient an iPhone or tablet, and they can orient themselves to the image and know exactly what they are looking at. Not only that, but they can easily zoom in on problem areas or unsightly areas in their mouth, allowing them to recognize treatment needs before you even point it out to them. It will sell dentistry.

The DOPS app is HIPPA-compliant, which allows you to tap into the valuable tool you already have in your office. It also catalogues your patient images automatically, alleviating the need for staff to take valuable time downloading images to show the patient or later labelling images.


Someone – you, your hygientist, your assistant – in your office uses the DOPS app to take a picture of a patient with an iPhone. To get an excellent image of the patient’s full arch, you will need an occlusal intra-oral mirror. The image is transferred to DOPS’ HIPPA-secure, cloud-based server where it is catalogued by patient and stored automatically. The image never appears on the iPhone’s photostream; the image is not saved to the phone at all. The images is immediately available to viewed from any device logged into the DOPS account. So, for example, your assistant takes a picture on an iPhone, you can view it in your office on your computer as she hands the patient an iPad to view the same image in the chair. The DOPS images are accessible from multiple devices at once. 

  • HIPPA-compliant
  • combines speed and ease with powerful image
  • shows patients the big picture
  • fastest way to prove the need for treatment, increasing patient acceptance
  • catalogues all photos, eliminating administrative workload and potential for lost photos
  • improves communication with labs
  • preserve important documentation of work completed
  • protect yourself from future conflict with a patient over treatment
  • photos from DSLR and DOPS side by side comparison, is there a difference?