Dr David (Trey) Carlton III taking DOPS to the next level

Neal Martin • August 07, 2017

We are always amazed at the things our customers think of.  Check out what Dr David (Trey) Carlton III is doing to show his patients the images of their teeth with DOPS.  Recently, he installed an Apple TV device in his consult room and is Airplaying his iPhone on the Apple TV, showing patients the images from the iPhone on the big screen.  Instead of just handing the device to the patient, he's taking interactive to a completely different level.  Now, Dr Carlton and his patient can see their images on the big screen and zoom in and out, just like they would do on the iPhone or iPad!  The larger iPads are great for looking at images, but this is even better.  Check out the video to see how Dr Carlton is enhancing his practice and providing exceptional care for his patients.