About Us

Diagnostic Online Photo Sharing, or DOPS, is a photo storage and sharing mobile application for healthcare professionals, including dentists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. DOPS is fully HIPAA-compliant, boasts secure login portals, and uses cloud-based storage so your data is safe and secure everywhere you go.

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So why choose DOPS?

  • Show your patients their conditions
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Avoid lawsuits with better documentation
  • Track changes in patient conditions over time
  • A new standard of care in medical and dental practices

Who's Using DOPS?

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A picture tells a thousand words, and DOPS is the best way to clinically use pictures to quickly, securely, and powerfully show patients the condition of their teeth. Increase case acceptance of crowns and composite restorations. Additionally, DOPS hosts a HIPAA-secure Lab Portal, allowing dentists to share photos with their dental labs seamlessly.

Patients can view pictures of their teeth in the same way they view other images that are taken today. Patients can hold an iPad and zoom in on areas that seem concerning to them.

Intra-oral cameras only take pictures of one to two teeth a time. Patients are then able to view these images only if costly chair monitors or TV screens are in the right place where patients can look at them. They can’t scroll to other teeth and it can get confusing trying to figure out which tooth they are looking at.

DOPS allows your assistant or hygienist to take images using their own phone, and then the images can be viewed immediately from any device. Show close up images of old amalgams that need to be replaced, or cracks on teeth that need to be crowned. Track changes in patients conditions over time easily and efficiently. Better documentation of preoperative conditions of the mouth also help to prevent frivolous malpractice claims.

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DOPS allows for better documentation of skin lesions, with the ability to view changes in skin conditions through time. Don’t just rely on visual examination and note taking. Treat patients better and protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits. Have the backing of a quality image to show what the condition of their skin lesions were when the patient was last seen. The technology to be able to take and store these images securely is here.

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Plastic Surgeons

DOPS allows better documentation of every case from beginning to end. High quality images are a necessity in today’s plastic surgery offices. Documenting the before and after conditions of patients is important in communicating with patients.

Patients want to know that these images are secure and private. DOPS images are taken and immediately stored off-site on a secure server which can only be accessed by people with secure access to that database. The best part is there is no uploading, or memory cards that need to be deleted afterwards.

Don’t worry anymore about who might be able to view these images without your knowledge. There is no local backup needed which can be easily hacked or viewed by people that have the wrong agenda. Be confident that your patient images are secure and able to be viewed whenever needed.